Two of us (Anna & Brian), based in Horsham and attending Life Community Baptist Church, and two (Beth & Caroline), based in Southampton and attending Kings Community Church, will be going on a 10 day trip to Malcoci in Moldova 10th to 19th August 2013

Moldova is a former Soviet Union republic and Europe's poorest country. Malcoci is a small rural village, located in the middle of Moldova, approx 26km from Chişinău the Moldovan capital.

We will be primarily visiting a Baptist church in Malcoci, called "NAŞTEREA DOMNULUI"(translated Christ’s Nativity)  and it’s children’s after school centre called ANCORA SPERANTEI”  translated “Anchor of Hope”

Located on a steep hillside, the church main focus and calling is to share the Gospel and to help people to grow in Christ.  

The church leader is Igor Gandea, his wife is Veronica and they have 3 children. 

This is a Blog about our preparations and journal of our Mission Trip to Malcoci and together we are 'Team Malcoci 2013'.

It is our prayer to share the Gospel - The Good News of Jesus Christ